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These are just a few clients that have changed their lives with DCoreFit. See what they

had to say about their change! Start your program today to get the results you want!

Weight Loss Transformation

"When I first came to Dominik, I weighed nearly 190 lbs and my body fat percentage was about 25%! As I began working with Dominik, he first sat down with me to go over what I want to change about myself, how it should be done, and any injuries that we will have to work with. From there, I never looked back. By working with Dominik 3 times a week, and following a diet that he put together, my life has changed for the better in every way. To this today, my body fat percentage has gone from 25% all the way down to 13%. In addition, I can now nearly leg press about 600 lbs and lift nearly 130 lbs, where before I could barely leg press 100, lift 80, and barely get through a 30 minute workout without feeling massively winded. On top of the continued muscle growth, I went from an XL shirt size down to a Medium and my waist size went from 36 to a 31. Because of Dominik, I am in the best shape of my life and my confidence has never been higher. Thank you, Dominik!" -Andrew B.

6 Pack Transformation

"Where do I begin? Dom helped me to get into the best shape I have ever been this year. I was a client of Dom for about 10 months. I didn't know what to think of a personal trainer but Dom is the true definition of everything I imagined it would be. He was able to connect to me on a personal level and knew how to challenge me even when I wasn't in the gym. He was very personable, not only for me but all of his other clients as well. Everyone who was trained by Dom always bragged about him. I would always catch some of them when I would arrive early and they all would say some variation of: "isn't he great?!" Dom was very knowledgeable about all of the workouts and would be able to predict what would be sore before the workout. He knew the best recovery and also when to push me and my limits. He was really good at calling me out which I really respected. He knew when I was BS'ing and he knew when I was being lazy. We got to know each other well enough where he would know my limits better than myself. For example I would do a workout with a heavier weight and Dom would increase it. Our conversations would start with me saying: "Dom, there's no way I can do that!" Dom in return: "I KNOW you can do this!!" Low and behold I would be able to lift something I truly believed I could not. Dom became the gym buddy who spotted me twice a week at the gym but he also knew when to turn into the strict trainer that I hired him to be when I go too comfortable.  If you want results and a someone who will push you to your absolute limits I definitely recommend Dominik!" -Joe Lai

Muscle Tone Transformation

"Dom is fantastic! He knows exactly what he's doing and takes into consideration any injuries you may have. He always pushed me to be better, whether it was in my workouts or my eating habits. For seven months I trained with Dom. Initially it was to make sure that I was in physical shape for a government position I applied for and wanting to learn how to properly use weights. However, it has been so much more. I went from 30.4% body fat to 21.6% body fat and dropped three inches from my waist. I went from not being able to squat the bar to being able to max at 248lb. From not being able to do any pull ups, to being able to do six unassisted. I'm eating WAY better and have more energy than when I was active everyday in high school. You best believe I want to keep up this lifestyle. Listen to him, work hard, and you will see results! Thanks Dom!"  

-Kara R.

Female Flat Stomach Transformation
6 pack weight loss Female transformation
40 Pound Loss Boot Camp Transformation
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